• 4,128 regulations planned, including:
  • The next four years could bring a tidal wave of costly regulations for U.S. businesses and consumers. With more than 3,503 regulations in the pipeline, the estimated cost to the American economy is more than a half trillion dollars and counting. We need to fight for smarter regulations that protect the environment, workers, and American jobs and stop this looming regulatory tidal wave before it does irreversible damage to our economy.

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  • Lead Paint Rule Expansion
  • Lead Renovation Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule for Commercial Buildings

    The Lead RRP program, whose standards went into effect this year, is estimated to cost almost $2.5 billion in implementation costs over the next five years and have a substantial impact on the residential construction industry. The EPA is currently planning to expand this program to commercial construction industry. Planned for early 2013, this rule will greatly increase the cost of commercial renovations and expansions, affecting not only the construction industry but small-business owners looking to upgrade their facilities.

  • New Ozone Standards
  • National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for Ozone

    Planned for 2013, this EPA rule would require cities to tighten ozone emissions limits mostly from power plants, vehicles and factories. EPA estimates that these regulations will cost the economy up to
    $90 billion per year. Citing the significant costs associated with these rules, President Obama delayed the issuance of this rule in 2011.

  • Boiler MACT
  • Boiler MACT

    EPA is currently reconsidering a final rule issued in January 2011 that set limits virtually unattainable by new and existing boilers using fossil fuels or biomass and was estimated to impose a $10-$20 billion hit on the economy. NFIB is hopeful that the EPA will ultimately issue a health-based standard, as opposed to a strict technology-driven standard. This change alone could cut the cost of the rule in half.

  • Tier III Emissions Rule
  • Tier 3 Pollution Motor Vehicle Emission and Fuel Standards

    Focused on emissions from vehicles and gasoline, the Tier 3 pollution rule will set costly new emissions standards, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and air toxics, on top of protective standards in place today. Research indicates that this rule could cost U.S. refiners $13 billion annually, adding to the price of gasoline in many states.

  • $515 billion* and growing

    * Source: Government and Industry Numbers

  • $515 billion* and growing

    There are more than 3,503 regulations in the pipeline. Out of these regulations, just thirteen regulations will cost our economy $515 billion in both annual and capital costs.

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3,503 new regulations, with at least 739 affecting small businesses, are threatening to cost more than half a trillion dollars and crush the American economy.

The Impact of Obama's Regulatory Tidal Wave Across America

The threat of Obama's Regulatory Tidal Wave has already impacted small businesses across America. Shown in the map to the left are a handful of states that have been greatly impacted by the threat of more than 3,503 regulations with a cost of $515 billion to the economy. Scroll over the highlighted states to see how each state has suffered from the impending tidal wave of regulations.

Stop the Regulatory Tidal Wave

The U.S. economy could face a tidal wave of costly regulations in the coming years if the regulations in the federal pipeline advance. With 3,503 rules in the pipeline and 739 of which directly impacting small business owners, the estimated cost to the U.S. economy is more than half a trillion dollars and counting. We need to fight for smarter regulations that protect the environment, workers and American jobs and bring about needed reforms to the federal process.

View the Regulatory Tidal Wave

Stop The Tidal Wave

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